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Its that favorite time of year, Halloween. With that being said, what is sexier then a French Maid? Only a French Maid with a huge ass, small waist and cute face getting rammed; of course. Kristina has got to be the hottest maid weve ever laid eyes on. She played shy and innocent but knew exactly what she wanted. Check her out as she gets the cleaning done, while flashing her sweet ass in one of the best porn videos around.


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Stop the presses! Monster Curves has really big news; we believe that not only have we captured a great ass spanking on tape, but we think that it might be the greatest ass spanking video of all time. Now, you might have trouble believing us but when you check out the size of this girl's 40-inch ass you might start to become a bit of a believer. Even if we are lying (we're not), why wouldn't you check out this video anyways? It's got a hot-as-hell babe who makes a hot-as-hell free iPhone porn video! What more can you want? So check out this great ass spanking is on of our favorite Monster Curves video of all time!


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If life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. If life gives you some delicious, round tits, you make free round tits porn. That's what Tiffini told us here at Monster Curves during her shoot with us last Tuesday. This girl needs to be seen to be believed...she is so round and sexy that our camera guy could barely remember to roll the film! He just kept staring at her incredibly sexy body! Not that he was alone, the entire crew was staring at the MILF fox's sexy huge ass, her gigantic (pierced!) tits and her sexy blonde hair. Man, we love our free round tits porn here at Monster Curves and we hope that you love it too!


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Today at Monster Curves we managed to get a hold of that girl you always wanted, that sexy, seductive secretary who you've always wanted to fuck. Yes, we got a hold of some hot secretary porn and we are sharing it with the world! This girl has been sitting there outside of the boss's office for far too long, it's about time that we called her into our office and gave her a chance to burst out of her clothes and make a college sex porn that will last a life time! You really have to check out this hot secretary porn here at Monster Curves, because this stuff needs to be seen to be believed!


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Well, how about for a little change of pace here at Monster Curves? How about a little free ass porn videos? In the mood for that? This video is a trip, let us tell you that. Sara was this girl who was riding around town in the bicycle and had an ass that was so huge, that her tiny little sports shorts were about to burst. We decided that it would be a complete loss if this piece of ass didn't end up in one of our adult videos, and so we approached her and asked if she wanted to come back to our place for a little fuck. Well, considering that you are now looking at the free ass porn video, you don't need Monster Curves to tell you what happened next!
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We're guessing that if you're on Monster Curves, that you are on the look out for some grade-A quality Latina butt pron, and so we are delivering just that porn to you. This completely awesome video features our number one girl Cammie taking it up the ass and just loving it. This girl has one of those bodies that are so hard to believe that you are in the risk of thinking that she is a ghost; she has great, firm tits, a pretty face and oh yeah...and an ass that every woman should have. We've got that Latina butt sex here for you at Monster Curves, and don't you forget it!


It's summertime and here at Monster Curves we are heading outside for a little fun, games, and sexy booty pics! We decided that it would be best if we were to head out to the ball park with our good friend Lexi for a chance to play a little ball. Of course, this being Monster Curves a simple game of pepper quickly devolves into a full-on sex session! Just remember that to pull a chick as hot as this one, this guy has to have more game than Billy Martin! After playing the field a little bit, Lexi manages to get herself into our friend's truck for a chance to let him shove his Louisville Slugger deep into her nappy dugout. We love it how her big boobs flop around like that, which is why we brought a camera to capture these totally awesome sexy booty pics!

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